The SturSNiP Consortium The SturSNiP Consortium


The SturSNiP consortium consists of 6 partners with links to EU-policy and expertise in population genetics, Sturgeon biology, GIS technology, state-of-the-art DNA analysis, and wildlife forensics:

TRACE Wildlife Forensics Network (lead partner)
Principle investigator: Dr. Rob Ogden
Contact: rob[dot]ogden[at]

Department of Biology - University of Padova
Principle investigator: Dr. Leonardo Congiu
Contact: leonardo[dot]congiu[at]

Gene Pool  - University of Edinburgh
Principle investigator: Dr. Karim Gharbi
Contact: genepool-manager[at]

Iranian Fisheries Research Organisation
Principle investigator: Dr. Mohammad Pourkazemi


Russian Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (VNIRO)
The Centre of Molecular Genetic Identification
Principle investigator: Dr Nikolai Mugue


School of Biological Sciences - University of Edinburgh
Principle investigators: Prof Mark Blaxter and Dr John Davey
Contact: john[dot]davey[at]


Joint Research Centre
Principle investigators: Dr. Eoin Mac Aoidh & Dr. Jann Th. Martinsohn
Webmaster: Franca Contini & Francesco Storti

SturSNiP is financed by the DG Joint Research Centre of the European Commission and was launched by the action FISHREG of the Maritime Affairs Unit. The JRC, a Directorate General of the European Commission, provides scientific support to fisheries management, control and enforcement, based on technologies derived from molecular genetics. To this end it constantly adapts and extends its fish database supporting species identification, population characterisation and biogeographic studies on fish species. These activities help to build a robust traceability framework, which is key, also under the remit of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), to combat illegal fishing and fraud along the fish(product) supply chain. Since the JRC fish database is publicly accessible, it is beneficial to all stakeholders including the research community, control authorities and the industry.